Thursday, January 24, 2013

2008 UD Baseball Heroes - Justin Upton Relic

Well it finally happened. The Diamondbacks have traded Justin Upton. My initial reaction was relief. Seriously. It's just nice that this drama is over.

A lot of D-Backs fans are unhappy with this move and the players we got back. I'm more content than most. The way I look at it is whatever we had going on last year didn't work. Heading into the off-season Kevin Towers wanted to shake things up a bit. And shake he did.

Gone are Arizona staples like Chris Young and Justin Upton as well as our top prospect, Trevor Bauer. In doing so we've gained a ton of prospects and Martin Prado. I'm optimistic that this will turn out well for us. At the same time, I hope Justin becomes a perennial All-Star in Atlanta.

Go D-Backs! 


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  1. I feel the same way about the trade, just glad it's done and we can move on. I wish him well in Atlanta and hope the D-Backs win the World Series in 2013!