Sunday, June 30, 2013

2010 Topps - Sam Demel

Sam Demel was part of the Diamondbacks bullpen from 2010-2012. He pitched in 72 games and had an era just under 5. During this past off-season the D-Backs designated him for assignment. He was claimed and then waived again by the Astros. The Yankees picked him up and he is currently on their Triple A team. 

Sam signed his 2010 Topps card for us during Spring Training in 2011. This is the 32nd card for our Diamondbacks Collection.

Monday, June 24, 2013

# 457 - Josh Fields

We had a little help with getting Josh Fields to sign his 2008 Topps card for our set. A friend on was able to get his autograph for us at a Lehigh Valley IronPigs game.

You may remember Josh from his time at Oklahoma State University. In addition to playing baseball, he was the quarterback for the Cowboys.

# 457 - Josh Field

Progress: 517/990

Saturday, June 22, 2013

# UH 74 - Corey Patterson

Here's another one for our 2008 Topps set. I friend on SCN helped us out by getting Corey Patterson to sign his card from the Updates & Highlights set while he was playing with the Tacoma Rainiers.

It's a good thing he got it signed quickly because Corey was only there 19 before they released him. However, I saw that he signed with the Yankees yesterday and was assigned to their Triple A team.

# UH 74 - Corey Patterson

Progress: 516/990

Saturday, June 15, 2013

# 435 - Torii Hunter

Got a good one for the set. A friend on SCN helped us out with this signed 2008 Topps card of former Angels star, Torii Hunter. Torii signed it for him when the Tigers came through Pittsburgh late last month.

I actually have gotten Torii's autograph once before. It was way back in 1998 while he was playing in the Arizona Fall League. It was the first AZFL game I ever went to.

I'm pretty stoked to have this one. Torii's a four-time All-Star and has won nine Gold Glove awards.

# 435 - Torii Hunter

Progress: 515/990

Friday, June 14, 2013

# UH 265 - Tony Abreu

I totally forgot I had this 2008 Topps Tony Abreu card signed. It's been over a year since a member of helped me out. Tony was playing with the Royals Triple A team in Omaha at the time. He's now with the Giants big league club. He got a few at bats against the D-Backs this past weekend which reminded me I never did a post for this great card.

Tony spent some time playing for the Diamondbacks in 2010. He played in 81 games and got almost 200 at bats.

# UH 265 - Tony Abreu

Progress: 514/990

Thursday, June 13, 2013

# 30 - Jon Lieber - Team Gift Set

In addition to the Gold Border Parallel card we posted yesterday, Jon Lieber signed this card. It's from the 2008 Topps 55 card Cubs Team Gift Set. As much as I enjoy getting a new card signed for the base set, the team sets are surprisingly fun too.

# 30 - Jon Lieber - Team Gift Set

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

# UH 139 - Jon Lieber - Gold Border Parallel

Former Chicago Cubs ace, Jon Lieber, signed his 2008 Topps Gold Border Parallel card for us. You may remember that Jon signed his base card for us way back on December 21, 2009. It was our 183rd signed 08 Topps card. You can check out that classic post here.

Jon actually signed two cards for us from a recent TTM request. I'll show off the other tomorrow.

# UH 139 - Jon Lieber - Gold Border Parallel

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

# 51 - Howard Johnson - Team Gift Set

I got a little help from a friend on to get this Howard Johnson card signed. It's from the 2008 Topps Mets 55 card Team Gift Set. After being the Mets hitting coach from 2007-2010, Howard is now a coach for the Mariners Triple A team in Tacoma.

Of course HoJo is best known for his hotel chain which can be found across America. Okay maybe not but I remember one of the first times I went to Chicago on vacation in the early 90s. I saw a Howard Johnson's hotel I thought it was named after him. Give me a break I was ten and he was an All-Star. It seemed possible.

# 51 - Howard Johnson - Team Gift Set

Monday, June 10, 2013

# 220 - Brian Bass - Chrome Blue Refractor

Former Minnesota Twins reliever, Brian Bass, signed his 2008 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor for us. Brian is currently pitching for the Camden Riversharks of the independent Atlantic League.

I have a bunch of new 2008 Topps stuff. This will the first post to kick off a nice little run.

# 220 - Brian Bass - Chrome Blue Refractor

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Aaron Hill #BiCycle Bobblehead - Silver Slugger Edition

Last night we headed over to Chase Field for Aaron Hill bobblehead night. This one commemorates Aaron hitting for the cycle twice last year. In addition to the regular version, the Diamondbacks created 1000 silver bobbleheads to honor the Silver Slugger award he won last year.

There was a huge crowd last night of over 44,000 fans so we were lucky to get our two bobbleheads as we entered the gates. We were even luckier to get one of the silver ones.

Unfortunately the D-Backs lost miserably to the Giants 10-5.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Daniel Hudson Collection - 2010 Allen & Ginter Autographed

Daniel Hudson got some bad news yesterday. After having Tommy John surgery last July, he has re-torn the ligament in his elbow. It looks like he has two options. Have the surgery again or retire. 

I was hoping he'd be back in a few weeks so I could watch my favorite pitcher play again. Now there's a chance his career is over. That really sucks.

I forgot I had this 2010 A&G rookie card signed. It was my first Daniel Hudson autograph. I wrote him a TTM request back in 2010 right after he was traded to the D-Backs. I got it back a few days later signed and personalized to me. Pretty cool.

My thoughts and prayers will be with Daniel and his family as they go through this difficult time.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

# RR-LB - Lance Broadway - Relic Card

I still occasionally look for relic cards from the 2008 Topps set to see what I can get for super cheap. This Lance Broadway jersey card from the Updates & Highlights set cost me just over a buck shipped.

I did a quick web search on Lance to see what he was up to now. I was surprised to see he's moved on from baseball and seems to be trying his hand at acting. He had a small role in the movie, Olympus Has Fallen, which was released earlier this year.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2010 Topps Heritage - Brandon Allen

Not long ago Brandon Allen looked like a pretty promising prospect for the Diamondbacks. His time in Arizona ended after 65 games over three seasons. He was traded to Oakland in 2011 for Brad Ziegler. He is currently with the Padres organization and playing for Triple A Tucson.

Brandon signed his 2010 Topps Heritage card for us awhile back at the 2011 D-Backs Fan Fest.

Monday, June 3, 2013

2001 Topps - Dan Plesac

You probably know Dan Plesac best for being an analyst on the MLB Network. Maybe you remember him from being a three-time All-Star with the Brewers in the late 80s. I bet you had no idea he even played for the Diamondbacks.

Over parts of two seasons (1999, 2000) he pitched in 61 innings over 96 games for the D-Backs out of the bullpen. 

Dan signed his 2001 Topps card for us c/o the MLB Network. A great one for our Diamondbacks Collection.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

2010 Topps Heritage - Edwin Jackson

Edwin Jackson and the Chicago Cubs lost to the Diamondbacks earlier today. It was his eighth loss of the season.

The Cubs are Jackson's eighth team in his eleven year career. In 2010 he started 21 games for the D-Backs and had a 6-10 record. He threw a no hitter that June before being traded to the White Sox for Daniel Hudson.

Edwin signed his 2010 Topps Heritage card for us from a TTM request we sent out during Spring Training this year.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

# UH 257 - Casey Blake

A few weeks ago we did a post for Casey Blake's card from series one of the 2008 Topps set. He also signed his card from the Updates & Highlights set for us. This one has him on the Dodgers. He was traded to Los Angeles from the Indians for Carlos Santana at the trade deadline that year.

# UH 257 - Casey Blake

Progress: 513/990