Sunday, January 27, 2013

Luis Aparicio Collection - 1964 Topps Coins

I found this Luis Aparicio coin when I was going through some of my dad's stuff before Christmas. It's been riding around with me in my car since then. I've finally brought it inside and scanned it.

These are pretty cool. I remember my dad gave me a few of these when I was younger. I remember liking them. I don't think I had this one but I do remember playing with the Aparicio All-Star from this same set.

I think my dad had bought this specific coin fairly recently. It was in a box with a bunch of others most of which were in rough shape. I remember him being disappointed when they showed up and were pretty ugly. This one's not bad. Just a little minor wear.

If anyone is collecting these I probably have some extras if you're interested. I'm not sure who else was in that box but I can check.


  1. Not that I recommend doing it with nearly half century old baseball coins but they do make a nice sound when rattled together.

    1. You've got to shake them up a little bit. Even if they are old.


  2. Will you please see if you have Bill Freehan's? I'll be happy to send you something nice for it if you do!