Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2002 Upper Deck Pepsi Diamondbacks

I contacted the seller who had the Danny Bautista card from the 2002 Upper Deck Pepsi set to see if he happened to have any others. He did!  

With the 8 below, I now have 9 out of the 15 cards in this set. There's some big names here like Mark Grace, Luis Gonzalez, and Randy Johnson. As well as a few fan favorites like Erubiel Durazo and Craig Counsell.

The seller ( SIDELINES01 ) was really cool and gave me a great deal. Check out his eBay store for some great cards. Plus he's got some really cool pennants and license plate frames. All at amazing prices.


  1. These are really cool! I have the 2000 or 2001 set! They were not Upper Deck, but they were Pepsi. They were red and blue, and included a head shot and an small action shot I believe. Cool find!

  2. Are you still looking for the rest of the set? I have Curt Schilling (2 of 15) & Miguel Batista (13 of 15).

  3. I have all of them. How much do they go for?

  4. I got them directly from Pepsi back in 2002. I have the Gold and the Pepsi ones. All 15 players. In perfect condition.