Thursday, January 5, 2012

# RR-LG - Luis Gonzalez - Gold Relic Card

I've spent a decent amount of time searching eBay for good deals on 2008 Topps cards the past three years so I've seen pretty much everything that's out there. This is the only gold parallel relic card I've seen. Lucky for me, it's of one of my favorite former Diamondbacks, Luis Gonzalez.

This one looks even better in person and is numbered to 99 on the back.

# RR-LG - Luis Gonzalez - Gold Relic Card ( 06/99 )


  1. That's an awesome card! Too bad he's not in a D-Backs uniform.

  2. Very nice card - I am happy to say that Luis played for 'my team' too!! Nice pick-up.

  3. Never seen one of those before, very nice!