Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pack Break - 2011 Topps Value Box

While reading various blogs the past few days, I've seen a bunch of breaks on the 2011 Topps Value Boxes. You guys motivated me to go out and get one for myself. I mean it's hard to turn down a sale on baseball cards, right?

If you haven't heard, Wal-Mart is closing these out. For just over ten bucks you get five packs of 2011 Topps Update, one pack of 2011 Bowman Chrome, an exclusive Bryce Harper rookie card, and a Diamond Giveaway code.

This is our first Bryce Harper card. Too bad it's probably his least desirable one to date. Nothing too exciting in the packs either. We did get a refractor out of of the Bowman Chrome. It's of Phillies prospect, Brody Colvin. This dude's on the top 100 prospect list so we might have something hear in a few years.

Everything except the Harper, Colvin, Eppley, and Venters are available if you need them.