Tuesday, January 24, 2012

# 302 - Horacio Ramirez

Horacio Ramirez put together a few nice seasons for the Atlanta Braves and the Mariners looked to him to be a big part of their rotation in 2007. That didn't happen. He won 8 games and had an era over 7. Since then Horacio bounced around to a few different teams. Most recently he spent some time in Los Angeles with the Angels.

We recently picked up this signed 08 Topps card for our set. It features a nice Spring Training pic of Horacio over at the Peoria Sports Complex.

# 302 - Horacio Ramirez

Progress: 472/990

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  1. If you should find yourself with an extra single from each of these sets I'd like to see if we can trade! I can use them in my type collection.