Saturday, September 22, 2012

Luis Aparicio Collection - 2007 Topps Heritage Auto

I've wanted this card for five years but never pulled the trigger. For the past year or so I've been waiting for another one to pop up on eBay at a decent price. This card came up last week and was labeled as being from the "2007 Topps Archives" set instead of Heritage. I'm not sure if that helped keep the price lower but I got this for just over $26 so I was happy.

I'm usually a pretty low end collector so there aren't many cards I've ever spent over $20 on. That's what has always prevented me from getting any of the Lil Luis autos from any of the Heritage sets. The 1958 Topps / 2007 Heritage set is probably my all-time favorite card design so this is the one I had to have. I'm glad we finally got it.