Monday, September 17, 2012

# 454 - Mike Hampton

There was only one card that I really wanted to get signed at the Diamondbacks Alumni Game. It was Mike Hampton's 2008 Topps card.

Most people probably don't even remember that Mike was on the D-Backs. He was only on our team for a little over a month in 2010.

I remember Mike's time in Arizona because on September 4th of that year, my dad and I took my son to his first ever D-Backs game. Before the game Mike signed autographs all the way down the third base line. We had tickets a few rows up and the whole time I was sitting there kicking myself for not bringing his 08 Topps card with me. I've thought about that day everytime I stumble across this card.

After a few years of waiting, I finally got Mike to sign that card. It's the 498th for our set.

# 454 - Mike Hampton

Progress: 498/990

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