Sunday, December 2, 2012

# WMDP4 - David Ortiz - Dick Perez Insert

Back in 2008, Topps and Wal-Mart struck a deal to include a bonus pack of 3 Dick Perez art cards in their 5 pack series one blasters. I've acquired a few of these over the past few years but didn't have much interest in them until recently.

I saw someone got an autograph TTM from Dick Perez so I dug out my David Ortiz card and sent it off to him. I also dug out his 1983 Donruss card. A few weeks later they both came back signed.

The more I think about it, these are really cool. After all, Dick Perez is kind of a legend in the baseball card world. He supplied the artwork for all of the great Donruss Diamond King cards from the 80s.

Thanks, Mr. Perez!