Thursday, March 21, 2013

Daniel Hudson Collection - 2013 Topps Heritage

2013 Topps Heritage came out a few weeks back. I bought a few packs but didn't get anything worth mentioning.

The last few Heritage sets have been done well but I'm not really liking this new installment. There are way to many ugly head shots for me. This Daniel Hudson card is a good example. Was this really the best picture they could find?

I could also do without the aging effect they apply to the photos. I understand this is set is supposed to have a vintage feel to it but I don't like blurry photos.

I'll probably try to finish up the Diamondbacks team set but I'm not planning on buying too much else from this set. Definitely no more packs. 


  1. Unclemoe- I am with you, just the Marlins and then I am O-U-T!!!

  2. Hey Moe, I know this post is really old, but I just came across a story regarding the photo for that card that I thought you might find interesting: