Sunday, March 3, 2013

# 651 - Martin Prado - Gold Border Parallel

Way before Martin Prado was traded to the Diamondbacks, we had already acquired his signed 2008 Topps card. Remember this post from 2010?

Right before Spring Training I picked up his gold border parallel from the 08 Topps set. He signed it for us at a practice just the other day.

I listened to an interesting interview on MLB Network Radio the other day where Chipper Jones talked about how much the Braves were going to miss Prado. Hopefully he'll be a key piece to some good D-Backs teams for the next few years.

 # 651 - Martin Prado - Gold Border Parallel 

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  1. It's guys like Prado that teams always have trouble replacing.

    Guys that hit .300 while playing a boat load of positions don't just grown on trees.