Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring Training 2010: San Diego Padres

My son and I went out to Peoria today to see the Padres for the first time this year. We started off our day over at the practice fields. When we walked in, two of the Peoria Diamond Club volunteers were waiting to greet us and ask if we would like to purchase a scorecard for the low price of one dollar. I hardly every carry cash but I happened to have a few dollars in my wallet so I made the purchase.

While the first gentleman was taking my money, the second asked if my son would like some Padres stickers for free. Sure why not? And then he asked if we would like some free baseball cards. Yes, please!

I figured it would be some kind of sample pack or something relatively uninteresting but there was no way I was going to turn down free cards. To my surprise he pulled out an 08 Topps Padres team set and handed it to my son. Sweet! How did he know that's our set?

A big thank you to the San Diego Padres and the Peoria Diamond Club. This was a great way to start off our day. By the time we left, we were able to add six more signed 08 Topps cards to our set as well.

In addition to cards we got signed today, I still have some Brewers, Rangers, A's, Dodgers, and Mariners stuff to post about. Starting Monday, I think I'll post about two cards per day instead of one to try to through as much as possible before Opening Day.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading and commenting! February was a great month. We had the most posts ever in a single month and will probably top that in March. Also, our checklist on Google Docs was updated yesterday for the first time since it's creation.


  1. Free cards; you cannot beat that. Are the cards different or the same from the regular Topps?

    Did they give you the minor league ball, too?

  2. The cards are numbered differently and a few of the pictures are different. Probably the best part is there's a Jim Edmonds card that doesn't exist at all in the regular set. He only had a card on the Cardinals ( series 1 ) and one on the Cubs ( U&H ).

    The baseball was actually given to him another day by the security guy in the parking lot over at the Rangers. I just threw it in the picture to make it more interesting.