Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pack Break: 2010 Topps Heritage

I had to make a trip to my local Target this afternoon and I was hoping they would have the new 2010 Topps Heritage cards. I haven't seen too much in the blogosphere about this set but I had heard that these had been released.

They had about six Jumbo Packs on the shelf. The Jumbo Packs are slightly transparent and you can easily tell which card is on the top of the pack for the upper section. I passed up Kendry Morales and went with the second pack I saw. The Babe Ruth 60th Home Run card was visable. Not sure why but I thought maybe the Babe would bring me some luck. He did! I pulled a Ryan Dempster Clubhouse Collection relic card.

It's rare that I've done a blog post that wasn't related to the 2008 Topps set but it is something I would like to try to start doing more of.

2010 Topps Heritage:

8 - Rajai Davis
35 - Gordon Beckham
36 - Glen Perkins
61 - Ryan Church
113 - Jonathan Papelbon
132 - Ozzie Guillen
160 - Andy Pettitte
233 - Ian Kinsler
307 - A.J. Burnett
401 - Babe Ruth
452 - Cliff Pennington
463 - Atlanta Braves

CCR-RD - Ryan Dempster


  1. I really like the look of that jersey card. I bought a few hobby packs of this last week, but didn't get much. I think I pulled a Ken Griffey short print, because the cardback is white rather than the normal brownish color.

  2. Yah I think that's how they distinguished the SPs this year. The Pennington & Braves team card have white backs.


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