Sunday, March 28, 2010

Custom: Joe Mauer - 2008 Topps

Why Joe Mauer? He was the 2009 American League MVP!

Minnesota Twins fans got great news last weekend. Joe Mauer will be the centerpiece of the Twins lineup until 2018.

Joe has made some major accomplishments since his MLB debut in 2004. Joe is already a 3x All-Star, a 3x batting champ, a 2x Gold Glove Award winner, and oh yah... he has that MVP award too. Most impressive.

# 11 - Joe Mauer ( custom )


  1. As with the one problem with the 1988 design is the over hanging Topps logo that caused most photos to be cropped smaller. You just need to crop the photo a little so that part of his helmet is not behind the logo (or for Topps to move the logo)