Sunday, October 25, 2009

# 14 - Lenny DiNardo

I figured that I wouldn't be doing as many blog posts after the regular season ended. While that has been true it isn't for the reason I originally thought. I've gotten mail and plenty of cards to post about. I just haven't had time. Between work, Arizona Fall League games, and the swine flu it's been an interesting two weeks.

Not too long ago, zman40 from Autograph Cards sent us a nice little package with two signed cards. The first is of former Oakland Athletics pitcher, Lenny DiNardo. Zach was able to get Lenny's autograph during a recent trip to see one of the final Twins games at the old Metrodome.

Thanks, Zach! Much appreciated!

# 14 - Lenny DiNardo

Progress: 156/990

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  1. I got that signed the day after he gave up seven runs in one inning of work. I almost didn't want to ask him to sign, but I did since he probably won't be in Kansas City next year.