Monday, October 19, 2009

Silk Collection: Andrew Miller - Part Two

Yesterday I posted about the 2008 Topps Silk Collection card I bought of Andrew Miller. I also mentioned that Andrew Miller was playing in the Arizona Fall League.

Last Thursday, my son and I headed over to Surprise to see the Mesa Solar Sox play against the Surprise Rafters. Of course we got there when the gates open and were ready to get some autographs. While concentrating on the Mesa side we got most of the players we wanted including Mr. Andrew Miller.

Andrew signed a few cards for us including the 2008 Topps Silk Collection. He had never seen this card before and asked what it was. I did my best to quickly explain that they printed the regular Topps cards onto a piece of silk. He seemed to think it was kind of cool and joked that it probably came out of a pack that cost $50.

Below is the only 2008 Topps Silk Collection card that features Andrew Miller's autograph... well its the only one as of last Thursday...


  1. Nice! Never seen one of those signed before!

  2. Yah I kind of like these now. I might have to get a few more.


  3. That looks awesome with the signature. Well done!

  4. Great Stuff!! That auto look sweet!! Nice work.