Thursday, April 16, 2009

Award Winners: Dick Groat

Dick Groat had many accomplishments during his career. He was an All-Star five times. He won two World Series rings (1960 Pirates, 1964 Cardinals). In 1960, he led the National League in batting average hitting .325. This was good enough not only to help lead his Pirates team to the World Series but he won the National League MVP award. You have to be a pretty good player to make the cover of Sports Illustrated three times but Dick wasn't just a pretty good player. He was an MVP.

Mr. Groat was nice enough to sign the card below for me last week. Thanks, Mr. Groat!

Dick Groat - 1960 NL MVP


  1. What kind of cards are those? I do not recognise them.

  2. Topps American Pie. They came out in 2001. Wasn't a very popular set.