Saturday, April 13, 2013

Daniel Hudson Collection - 2013 Topps Rainbow

Behold my 2013 Topps Daniel Hudson rainbow in all it's glory! 


  1. Very cool. I've gone pretty far on my Didi Gregorius rainbow too. I still need a X/10 Silver Slate and Pink versions. I don't count 1/1s as part of my quest... too hard to get. But yesterday I picked up the D-backs team set at Chase Field and they have a new Didi-in-AZ-uniform card in there. I like that those Topps team sets include late roster changes (there's a Martin Prado and no Justin Upton) but wish they would do something like a parallel color for these team sets to make the rest of the cards that are exactly the same as Topps Series 1 & 2 a little more different (except for the card number on the back).

  2. Atta Boy, Moe!! This looks fantastic!!!

  3. Very nice! You should tweet that pic to him!