Saturday, July 21, 2012

Too Many D-Backs from Too Many Verlanders

Dennis from one of our favorite blogs, Too Many Verlanders, sent over a HUGE stack of Diamondbacks cards. There was so much great stuff in there, I had a hard time picking a few random ones to scan.

I went with some older stuff. Most of these early 2000's D-Backs cards are new to me. Back then I was just getting back into baseball cards and I spent most of my time searching dime boxes for stuff to get autographed during Spring Training. Most of the local dealers always pulled out the Diamondbacks to sell for a little bit more. Because of that I missed out on a lot of nice cards of guys like Curt Schilling, Travis Lee, and Tony Womack.

After I sort through everything Dennis sent, I'll probably do a few more player-specific posts for my favorite retired D-Backs.

Thanks again, Dennis! These totally made my day!

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