Friday, July 13, 2012

# 55 - Andre Dawson - Team Gift Set

Growing up, I was a Chicago Cubs fan. I remember watching games on WGN every summer with my dad. There was nothing better than falling asleep on the couch while listening to Harry Carey and Steve Stone.

While I was in high school, Arizona was awarded the Diamondbacks franchise. I still like the Cubbies, they're just not my number one team any longer.

One of my favorite Cubs from the late 80s and early 90s was Andre Dawson. I was picking up a bunch of Dawson's certified autographs for awhile about ten years ago. I guess you could say I had a player collection going.

Since I have family in Chicago, I've been fortunate to go to a few games at Wrigley Field. When I bought the 2008 Topps Chicago Cubs 55 card team set, I was excited to get the stadium card. It's got a nice shot of the coolest baseball stadium I've ever been to.

I procrastinated on sending this one off to Andre Dawson for awhile. I finally threw it in the mail with a donation to his foundation. A few days later it came back signed in beautiful, blue Sharpie. Thanks, Andre! This one's awesome!

# 55 - Andre Dawson - Team Gift Set 


  1. I remember the occasional rain delay too.


  2. Very nice, Moe!! I have never seen that card before.

    I'm contemplating picking up an 8x10 of Wrigley to see how many Cubs legends I can get it signed by.

    But I may need to get this card signed first!!

    1. You should totally go for the 8x10, Brian. I thought about doing one for Cubs HOFers but never made it past Jenkins. Maybe one day I'll send it off to Andre.