Monday, March 7, 2011

The Simpsons: Homer at the Bat Signed Photo

I don't think it's a big secret but I'm a HUGE Simpsons fan. It's probably the one thing I like as much as baseball. On February 20, 1992 Matt Groening & the Simpsons writers brought my two favorite things together in the classic episode entitled, Homer at the Bat. Nine of the biggest names in baseball were brought in as guest voices.

Steve Sax
Ozzie Smith

Don Mattingly
Jose Canseco
Darryl Strawberry
Mike Scioscia
Roger Clemens
Wade Boggs
Ken Griffey, Jr.

About five years ago, I bought a press photo from the episode and decided to try to get it signed by all of nine players. I caught up with Mike Scioscia at an Angels Spring Training game. Ozzie Smith at a taping of a television show. Jose Canseco at a paid signing. Darryl Strawberry was another paid signing. Don Mattingly at a Dodgers Spring Training practice last year.

On Friday, I was able to get the sixth player to sign my photo. This was the main reason I went to the Steve Sax book signing.

Out of all of the autographs in my collection, this is by far my favorite. With six down, I have just three more players to go.


  1. very cool picture, good luck on getting the next three

  2. It's a great item, Moe! The other 3 will come.


  3. Very cool! I love that episode too.

  4. That is great! Hope the last three aren't unpossible!

  5. Wow. I wish I thought of this. One of my all time favorite Simpson episodes. Mattingly, I told you to shave off those side burns!

  6. Hahaha, this piece is awesome! I'm definitely jealous of this one. It'd be cool to get it signed by Groening or Dan Castnellaneta and Shearer for Homer and Mr. Burns.

  7. Thx. Boggs is doing a signing here on April 2nd for $50+. A little too much for me. Pretty sure I can get him for less if I wait.


  8. Haha. Good idea, Billy. You read my mind.


  9. That is by far my new favorite autographed item ever. I thought about making a custom set of celebrities that have appeared on the Simpsons with their cartoon likenesses, but the vast majority are not TTM-friendly. I did get Eugene Mirman on a few cartoon photos from Bob's Burgers the other day, so maybe that will spark some inspiration to make some new cards.