Friday, March 11, 2011

# 62 - David DeJesus - Topps Chrome Blue Refractor

David DeJesus's Blue Refractor from the 2008 Topps Chrome set is a great looking card. Unfortunately he didn't give us his greatest autograph. David did scribble something on our card. He was walking and had me hold the card while he signed it. Not too bad I guess.

# 62 - David DeJesus - Blue Refractor


  1. Wow. I have seen some awful ballpark autos from David, but that is by far the worst. That sucks he made you hold the card while he was walking, but at least it is signed. Cool card, too. All Royals cards should have blue borders.

  2. I had a similar thing happen with an Orioles player walking outside Fenway last season. Unfortunately, I didn't recognize who it was so I had him sign a blank after seeing a few other people ask for his autograph, but never found out who it was. I compared his sig to everybody on the team last year and still haven't figured it out.

  3. That auto is brutal, but at least he signed.