Saturday, May 15, 2010

# 10 - Miguel Cabrera

This is definitely one of the best cards I've gotten signed TTM in awhile. With a small donation to the Detroit Tigers Foundation, All-Star Miguel Cabrera signed a card for our set.

This is the second Miguel Cabrera autograph we have in our collection. The first was signed back in 2001 when he was playing with the Kane County Cougars. My family and I had gone on vacation to Chicago and I talked my mom and grandma into taking me out to Kane County to see a Cougars game. At the time #1 Draft Pick Adrian Gonzalez was playing for them and I thought it would be a good chance to get his autograph.

Unknown to me, the day we went was an autograph day. The team had all of the players sitting at four tables arranged on the field. You had to wait in line and were able to go to one table where four or five players were sitting. I had bought a team set in the gift shop so I did have cards for most of them but I was really only interested in Adrian Gonzalez. Gonzalez's table was first. I asked the usher if we could go to that table since I had come all the way from Arizona just to see him. He told me no and that I had to go to the last table. That wasn't what I wanted to hear.

On my way to the last table, I had to walk right past the first table where Adrian was sitting with no line. I handed him my cards and as he was signing the first, the usher approached me and told me I had to proceed to the final table. Okay, that was fine. I had gotten the autograph I wanted.

I made my way to the final table and pulled out my team set cards of the guys there. I hadn't really heard of any of them before but the first player was some eighteen year old kid from Venezuela. So basically the usher almost forced me to get an autograph of Miguel Cabrera. Wherever you are Kane County usher, I thank you!

# 10 - Miguel Cabrera

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  1. Aewsome story and two great cards!

  2. That is very cool, I've always liked this Cabrera card for his crazy eye black. Wanna share what a small donation might be? I wouldn't mind adding his auto to my collection.

  3. Thx! $10 donation to the Tigers Foundation.