Tuesday, May 11, 2010

# 51 - Brian Burres

It's kind of hard to believe that baseball card companies still have trouble putting a photo of the correct player on the front of their baseball card. In 2008, Topps mistakenly chose a photo of Brian Burres for Erik Bedard's card.

When we sent a request to Brain during Spring Training we sent his regular card as well as Erik's. He graciously signed the card featuring his photo and an incorrect name. I've actually seen Erik Bedard sign this card too so we'll have to work on getting him to sign it as well.

Despite the error, this is another great addition to our set.

# 51 - Erik Bedard

Progress: 275/900


  1. I had always wondered who should sign this card. It's good to know that both guys have, and it would be excellent if you could get them both to sign the same card.

  2. That's a great idea! Hopefully he'll still be with the Mariners next Spring Training.