Friday, January 22, 2010

# 79 - Paul Konerko - Chrome XFractor

After getting Paul Konerko to sign his regular issue 08 Topps card in December, I remembered that I had bought his Xfractor from the Chrome set. Needless to say this one was quickly sent out in a TTM request and came back signed today.

Not only is this the first Xfractor we've gotten signed, it is also the first signed 08 Topps Chrome card of any kind in our collection. I've always liked Xfractors and Refractors so hopefully we can add a few more of these to go along with our base set.

# 79 - Paul Konerko ( Xfractor )


  1. Nice. I bet it looks even better in person

  2. You lucked out, I sent him a few cards including a Topps Finest Refractor and he kept it. That card looks great though!