Saturday, January 23, 2010

Custom: Bob Feller - 2008 Topps

It seems like everyone is making their own custom cards so it's officially my turn. I'd like to come up with some original designs sometime but I'm starting off with my own 2008 Topps cards. For the sake of organization, I'll go ahead and number these to help me keep track of how many I've made and posted. Of course I will have to print a few of these out so I can see what they look like autographed. You can count on a few follow up posts in the upcoming months.

Starting off with a Hall of Famer and baseball legend, Bob Feller.

# 1 - Bob Feller ( custom )


  1. Very nice work!! Any way that I can persuade you into trying a Dawson card?

  2. Definitely will have to make a Dawson. Already have a picture picked out to use.