Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dan Haren Bobblehead

I had a great idea this morning. I was going to go to the swap meet. After seeing other bloggers find cool stuff at their local thrift stores and flea markets I wanted to give it a shot too. 

I hadn't been to a swap meet in many years and didn't know what to expect. There were tons of people selling new hats, beauty products, and cell phone accessories. I was also surprised to find several dealers selling only underwear. New items I think.

I only found one booth that had something that interested me. One guy had a table with some newer Star Wars action figures, an unopened 1994 Chad Curtis Kenner Starting Lineup figure, and a Dan Haren bobblehead.

After a tough negotiation I brought home the 2009 D-Backs stadium giveaway for $5.