Monday, December 9, 2013

My COMC Black Friday Purchase

I finally made my first COMC purchase! For the second straight year I decided to browse their Black Friday sales. Last year I had a cart full of good stuff but bailed at the last minute when I saw the total price of the cards I had selected. Not this year!

This year I couldn't walk away. This year I spent more money than I wanted to. This year I got a bunch of Daniel Hudson and Luis Aparicio cards. This year I made my first COMC purchase!

It amounted to fifty-six amazing cards that I'll show off over the next few weeks. Who am I kidding? Knowing me it will be more like months. I justified the money I spent knowing that these fifty-six cards would turn into fifty-six blog posts and those fifty-six blog posts would entertain the dozen(s) of people who read my blog. 

I've created a "COMC Black Friday - 2013" label so we can all follow along more easily. The first post should hit sometime soon. First I have to find time to start scanning everything in this stack. 


  1. Wahooooo! I know a lot of us hit up COMC's black friday. Can't wait to see the haul.

  2. I like the looks of it so far. Nice and vintage.

  3. That looks like a nice stack of cards, Moe! I can't wait to see what lurking in there.

  4. Man, my COMC shipment hasn't even shipped yet... I'm getting jealous!

    Looking forward to seeing what you got!

  5. Can't wait to see everything you got!