Thursday, October 24, 2013

My 2013 Fantasy Baseball Prizes

Earlier this year I joined the Fantasy Baseball League that Matt from Once A Cub was setting up. For a small buy-in, you had a chance to win some awesome baseball card prizes.

After a late season surge my team climbed from third place and into the top spot. I was able to take over first place despite having a few of my key players on the DL. Yes, Carlos Gonzalez, David Wright, and Jason Grilli I'm talking about at you. Winning first place assured me at least one blaster as a prize.

Finishing in first place earned me a bye week for the first round of the playoffs. In the second round I would be facing off against Mr. Once a Cub himself. Matt beat me in a close match-up and my chances at a league championship were over.

All hope wasn't lost as I would be facing Roy from plain grey swatch in a match-up for third place. In another close battle, my team came out on top. This victory earned me a second blaster. 

In addition to the blasters for finishing in the top spots, Matt threw in some repacks to those who led the league in the ten different categories during the regular season. I came out on top in strikeouts, wins and batting average. More cards for me! Yes!

Over the next few days I'll show off what I got in all of the goodness below. Thanks again, Matt!

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