Monday, September 23, 2013

2002 Fleer Triple Crown - Junior Spivey

Man, everybody in Phoenix loved Junior Spivey in 2001. He was the hot rookie who got called up and provided the Diamondbacks with a spark that helped lead them to the World Series. With more playing time he put up some good numbers in his sophmore season and was even named to the 2002 National League All-Star team. After that he was traded to the Brewers and slipped off into obscurity.

We caught up with him at the Alumni Game last month and had him sign this 2002 Fleer Triple Crown card. For whatever reason, Spivey has been kind of elusive for me so I was glad to get this one signed. 

If you're curious, this is our final Alumni Game post. With unintentionally sporadic posting I ended up dragging this out for almost a month.

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