Saturday, October 27, 2012

Daniel Hudson Collection - 2012 Topps Chrome Orange Refractor

Like any good baseball fan, I appreciate statistics. When it comes to this blog I pay attention to things like page views and how many posts I write a month. Historically speaking, October is the month when I get burnt out on blogging.

The least number of posts I've ever done in a month is 12. That's happened three times in forty-five months that we've been doing this. Two of those three times were in October.

Here we are in another October and my blog posts have once again been sporadic. Don't worry, I've got a few things lined up to make sure we hit 12 posts this month. I don't want to set a new record for the least amount of posts.

Additionally, I've got a bunch of stuff scanned for November. A few D-Backs, some Lil Luis, and of course cards from our bread and butter 2008 Topps.

I'll stop rambling so you don't have to tl;dr me.

Here's a nice orange refractor for our Daniel Hudson collection. It's from the 2012 Topps Chrome set. 

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