Saturday, June 16, 2012

# HOU7 - Woody Williams - Team Set

There's a little bit of mystery around Woody Williams 2008 Topps card. John over at Donruss 1982 summed it up nicely in his May 2011 post. Woody was supposed to be card # 621 in the 2008 Topps Series 2 set. At the last minute he was replaced by Denard Span which led to mass confusion everywhere which has continued on to this day.

There's even a listing on Amazon right now for a Woody Williams # 621 card. I guess the seller didn't realize that the card he has pictured is actually of Denard Span.

I didn't find the # 621 card but I found the next best thing. Woody Williams was included in the Houston Astros 14 card team set. And Woody Williams was nice enough to sign that card for our collection. I doubt he had any idea how excited this simple gesture would make me.

# HOU7 - Woody Williams - Team Set

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  1. Yes, A Woody Williams 2008 Topps card does exist. Hoo-ray. How about that. Thanks for remembering the post and showing us a card that might have been. (at least in the 2008 Topps regular set). The Amazon listing is funny.