Wednesday, March 14, 2012

# 385 - Troy Tulowitzki

Hands down this is my favorite card I was able to get signed this Spring Training. I know there's still a few weeks left and I have plans to go to at least another game or two. This will still be my favorite card.

I had a pretty rough day at the Rockies camp but getting Troy Tulowitzki to sign a card for our set more than made up for the small quantity of autographs I went home with. This is the first time I had ever gotten him so it was pretty cool.

# 385 - Troy Tulowitzki

Progress: 481/990


  1. Wow, what a nice get. Congrats! I'm sure he's tough.

  2. Awesome. I am very jealous at this moment. That is probably my favorite Tulo card as well.

  3. Nice work moe. Was there a tough crowd around him while he was signing?

    1. Nah, Brian. It couldn't have been easier. There were three people there and we all got him. The setup at the Rockies complex isn't the best for autographs so I think alot of people stay away.