Saturday, August 27, 2011

Luis Aparicio Collection - 2003 Topps Certified Auto

I just realized I haven't posted anything new for our Luis Aparicio player collection in over two months. I've acquired seven new Lil Luis cards and will be doing a post for each every day this week.

First up is a nice card I've had my eye on for years. My Dad finally bought this certified autograph of Luis Aparicio from the 2003 Topps set. A nice on-card auto with Luis pictured on the Baltimore Orioles.

Since this one came from my Dad, it's extra special. Thanks, Dad!


  1. Great card! I don't think I've ever seen any of those.

  2. I really love the design of this card with the big logo in the background behind the broken glass. Reminds me of the glory days of insert sets from the late 90's.

  3. Nice card. I had a Richie Sexson relic from this set, but have since traded it despite his hilarious name.