Monday, July 11, 2011

2011 All-Star Game Fan Fest - Bryce Harper Mania

At Fan Fest there's a big clubhouse store where you can buy all of your official All-Star souvenirs. I was surprised to see a GIANT Bryce Harper display right near the store's main entrance. Sure they have a few Alex Rodriguez All-Star Game jerseys or Justin Upton t-shirts for sale too but they were mixed in with everything else. Bryce got his own section complete with a banner featuring his 2011 Bowman card.

They also had All-Star Game programs for sale. They have one made up for each All-Star. I think they've done this for a few years but I've never seen one for someone who was playing in the Futures Game.

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  1. DO you have these photos in higher resolution? TRying to get an image of that harper jersey sleeve patch. thanks