Saturday, July 3, 2010

# 70 - Dan Uggla

Finally. Signed 08 Topps card # 300. It seems like we've been really close to this milestone for awhile but now it's official. Two-time All-Star Dan Uggla gets the designation of being out 300th signed card.

My son's second birthday is getting dangerously close. I remember when I decided to start this project I thought if I could get a few hundred signed cards for him it would be great. That goal has been reached but I'm not ready to stop yet.

In case you were wondering... yes, he does like his cards. He likes to look at the pictures and say "ball" or he likes to take them out of the box and throw them around the room. Fortunately they are all in top loaders so I don't really mind.

# 70 - Dan Uggla

Progress: 300/990

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