Sunday, February 28, 2010

Custom: Mickey Mantle - 2008 Topps

Why Mickey Mantle? When I decided to number these custom cards I knew right away that card # 7 had to belong to Mickey Mantle.

Mickey's had hundreds if not thousands of new baseball cards released over the past few years. I think this might have somewhat diminished his allure. I know I don't get excited any more when I pull another Mickey Mantle card out of a Topps pack. Okay I did get a little excited when I pulled his Turkey Red insert from a 2010 pack recently.

Regardless of that, he is a New York Yankee legend. Like most kids his age, he was one of my dad's favorite players while he was growing up. Even though I'm too young to have seen him play, I'm a fan of his too. I've seen the Yankees specials on the MLB Network and have watched the 61* movie. It still doesn't get better than Mickey Mantle.

# 7 - Mickey Mantle ( custom )

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