Saturday, August 15, 2009

2008 Topps Opening Day Set

My son's first birthday has come and gone. One of his birthday presents was a complete set of 2008 Topps Opening Day. Most of the cards are exactly like the regular 2008 Topps set but with a red border. I did notice that a few have different pictures from the regular release so that's kind of cool. There are a few players who were traded during the off season who have the same picture (Andruw Jones, Josh Hamilton) that weren't airbrushed and are featured on their old team.

I'm not planning on trying to get the entire set signed for him but I'm certain more than a few will be done. I'm espescially looking forward to trying to get a few of the Diamondbacks cards signed. The red boarder and their red jerseys combine to make a pretty cool card.

Below are a few of the cards that are slightly different from the regular release or ones that I would like to try to get signed. Enjoy!

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