Sunday, June 28, 2009

08 Topps: Series One Master Set

The other day I was searching eBay to see what kind of 2008 Topps cards I could find. I came accross a listing for a Series 1 "Master Set." In addition to the regular 330 cards, this auction included all of the inserts as well.

For the low, low price of 99 cents plus shipping, I couldn't pass this one up. Here's everything that I got:

Series One Base Set 1-330
Campaign 2008 Set of 12
Exclusive Target Set 1-15
Own the Game Set 1-25
Trading Card History Set 1-25
50th Anniversary All-Star Rookie Team Set 1-55
Year in Review Set 1-60
Mickey Mantle Home Run History 502-536
Micky Mantle Story 46-55


  1. whoa i can't believe no one else bid on this

  2. 99 cents? Great find. I would have had a hard time passing that one up as well, and I am not into sets. That would have been worth it just for the trading card history and the All-Star rookie team cards alone.

  3. Yah I was pretty stoked to get all of the All-Star rookie cards. Those are pretty sweet! And it doesn't hurt to have an extra Series 1 set lying around.