Sunday, May 31, 2009

Award Winners: Pete Rose

Pete Rose. Charlie Hustle. Baseball's hit king. Pete was by far one of the best players to ever play. He was an All-Star 17 times. He won two Gold Gloves and two World Series rings. He was named Rookie of the Year in 1963, NL MVP in 1973, and World Series MVP in 1975. You name it, Pete Rose did it. Sure, maybe he bet on a few baseball games but is that really any worse than everyone from the "Steroid Era" using performance enhancing drugs?

Pete signed the card below for me TTM last week. It is one of my best returns ever and am glad to have this card in my collection.

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Pete Rose - 1963 NL ROY, 1973 NL MVP, 1975 WS MVP


  1. Nice looking card. I hardly have an cards from 1980.

  2. Yep, now I have to try to get one of him on the Reds.

  3. You should have sent him two. He signed both of mine, one as a Red and one as a Phil.

  4. This is the only one I could find quickly. Actually, I was pretty surprised I located it so fast.

    Let's see how long this gravy train will last. I sent two more off the other day.

  5. I'm jralous. I sent a card to Pete the last time he was doing his mail but I got nothing back. I'm going to have to get a few more of his cards as that was my only one... Nice job!!!